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This is a Relationship post for the character Perona from the series One Piece.


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Character Name: Perona
Series: One Piece
Canon Point: End of chapter 602.
Summary/History: Here's the wiki.
Personality: While Perona’s personality hasn’t changed much from her younger self (bossy, rude, loud-mouthed and pompous), Perona’s personality definitely has taken a turn as she aged. She’s far more mature and independent now than she ever was on Thriller Bark. Because Perona was stripped of all her material possessions and her luxurious lifestyle for two years, as she lived with Mihawk and Zoro on Kuraigana Island, she was basically forced to grow up and stand on her own two feet instead of relying on others to answer her beck and call. She had to learn to survive on her own without her zombie animal servants because, let’s face it, Zoro and Mihawk aren’t exactly the accommodating type. If she wanted anything, she had to either make or get it herself.

This shows Perona’s strength and capability to overcome, despite being so out of her element, and how much priority she puts into surviving - her life is the top priority in nearly all situations. She’s an extremely determined and out-spoken young woman, ready to put her foot down and tell anyone off, regardless of who they are or how much stronger than her they may be; if they happen to upset her or say something she doesn’t agree with, she will combat them with the force of category five hurricane. She speaks her mind and doesn’t pull her punches in the slightest - opting to be blunt and brutally honest, perhaps even rude in most cases. She holds herself in high regard, and doesn't put up with others' idiocy very well, especially if it directly effects her.

While she may have calmed down to a degree while living with the two swordsmen, Perona still has her little outbursts if she’s annoyed enough. These are usually set off by Zoro’s unaccommodating nature or, say, Sanji’s overzealous and rather perverse invasion of her personal space when she met with the Monster Trio (Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji) on Sabaody. She laid the smack-down on the poor man for just going a bit too far, and didn’t hesitate one little bit to do so. She used her powers on him without hesitation and gave him a very literal boot to the head to tell him to knock it off. Thinking of this in hindsight, and opting out the fact that Sanji wouldn't lay a finger on a woman, he could have snapped her in half like a toothpick if he wanted. Perona doesn't take shit from anyone, and was even known arguing with Mihawk - a Shichibukai (Pirate Warlord) and the World's greatest swordsman as well as trying to take down Kuma two years prior on Thriller Bark. She's a little reckless when set off by her anger, but when she feels scorned, you are going to feel the burn of her ire one way or another.

Even though she has her moments, Perona really is a well-balanced individual. She’s capable of being kind, sweet, even nurturing. Though not much is known of what happened during the two years she spent with Mihawk and Zoro, it’s seen that she does care about the latter of the two very much, even though they butt heads more than two angry mountain goats. She was rather upset, even depressed, when Zoro had to leave her to rejoin the Straw Hats on their journey. Perona detests being alone, and even though Zoro was her enemy back on Thriller Bark, she grew fond of him over time, and misses him when he’s not there with her. She was also put in charge of nursing Zoro back to health by Mihawk when she and Zoro first arrived on Kuraigana Island and met with the older man. In fact, she nursed him back to health before Mihawk explicitly told her to, and (despite the poor work she did), she changed his bandages every day and slept by his side until he woke up. Taking into account she has no reason to do this - she even nearly left him to die when he arrived a bloodied mess on Kuraigana after her initial arrival - because they were enemy pirates, it shows she has the ability to feel compassion for others. She's not a bad person, she's just a brat.

While there is no evidence physically seen of Perona feeling the same ffection she has for Zoro towards Shichibukai Dracule “Hawkeyes” Mihawk, I believe she shares a similar bond with him, though not quite as personable. If anything, Perona treats Mihawk with slightly more respect. “Slightly” being that she still tells even him off at times, and berates him for being unsympathetic and just plain mean to her. Though, over time, I believe Mihawk acted as a calming agent for Perona’s hot and cold attitude, and she feels more at peace with the Shichibukai than she does with Zoro, who tends to rile her up a high percentage of the time. And while Perona may not have allied herself with Mihawk and instead is more of a free-roaming pirate, I doubt she’d allow for anyone to bad-talk the man while in her presence and thinks of him fondly. She's a very loyal individual when you get her on your side, and when she genuinely cares about someone and can go to lengths to stand up for them. She's not fully aware of what "nakama" really is, considering Moria's crew were selfish, cut-throat people that merited a swift slap in the face - each one having their own peronal agendas and needs to join (Perona's reason was actually just because "it seemed fun"), but she does get possessive and very overprotective of people and things she is fond of.

The Straw Hats are a different story entirely though, on the spectrum of her caring about them, outside of one. Barring all but Usopp, Perona treats them with a cool sort of indifference. She doesn’t care what they do, how they do it, or why they do the things they do if it doesn’t directly involve or effect her. In the past, she may have antagonized them just because it’s fun or she’s bored or something, but now that she’s aged, Perona really doesn’t care at all for most of the Straw Hat pirates, showing that if she doesn’t have interest in a person or thing, she usually just ignores it or them. She can get along with the Straw Hats much better than she used to, though Usopp alone is the one person she hates with every part of her being. He is the only one to have ever defeated her outright, and gave Perona her very first loss in such a humiliating and downright terrifying (to her at least) way. She holds the largest grudge against him than any person possibly could hold, festering the hatred she had for him for two whole years. There’s no doubt at all that Perona would try to attack or challenge him if she happened to get in contact with him. Or, at the very far end of the spectrum, scream at him as much as she can without getting too physical.

All in all, in regards to the Straw Hat pirates, Perona really doesn’t care much about them other than Zoro, but Usopp is the one person she hates more than anything else, and her furious nature would certainly flare up if she were to meet him again. Needless to say, don't get on her bad side. She rarely forgives and never forgets, and making an actual enemy out of her is not a good idea.

Powers/Abilities: I'm going to break this down into physical, mental, and emotional, since all three are contributing factors to how Perona's abilities tie in together with her actual personality and style of fighting.

Physical: Perona’s physical strength is rather lacking, to be completely honest. As a young human woman, she’s really not anyone to look at twice in terms of muscle strength. However, she compensates this with the use of her own special power. By consuming the Horo Horo no Mi (Hollow Hollow Fruit), Perona has gained the unique ability to create a seemingly unlimited amount of ghosts – which she calls hollows – from her body. These spirits cannot be cut or caught by any means, and can also split themselves apart to create more ghosts. Thus far, it has not been explained just how many ghosts Perona can create, though by what has been seen, it seems the range is unlimited, and Perona suffers no damage at all when she does this.

The ghosts she creates are a projection of her spirit, and thus Perona can see and hear what they do, throw her voice and make it appear as if she is speaking through her hollows to deliver messages from afar, as well as feel what they feel, to some degree. An example of this is when she uses her Negative Hollows (which will be explained later) against Usopp. Those hollows were defeated after losing a battle of negativity against Usopp, hunched over as if grief stricken. A second later, we see Perona in the same hunched over position, a gloomy cloud over her, and apologizing to one of her minions for always being hard on him. Though no other instance of this has occurred, it can be assumed that Perona feels what her hollows feel in terms of emotion.

Now, as I stated earlier, Perona profoundly makes use of her ghosts. There are three variations, but only two of which are used as a means to inflict heavy, serious, physical harm. The two she does use in this sense are the Tiny and Large/Special Hollows. These hollows are the only variation of ghosts Perona can create that explode when activated by a snap of Perona’s fingers or by being detonated (like being struck or stepped on suddenly with a great amount of force). The Tiny Hollow is much smaller and weaker than the larger version (obviously), but still has the power to blow a sizable and deep hole into solid stone. Perona can create dozens of these little hollows from her palms, which stick to and/or cling to her opponent, and thus explode directly on them.

The large hollow works exactly the same as the tiny hollow, but the shock-wave it produces is far greater than the smaller version. This hollow, instead of sticking or clinging to the foe, bites down on them and explodes when Perona snaps her fingers or, as said prior, is struck with great force. They are literally moving bombs, and have a distinct amount of will to choose a set target and change trajectory depending on Perona's desires. She can also control them to not detonate or disperse by her will as well.

Also, aside from creating ghosts from her physical body, Perona’s Devil Fruit grants her the ability to remove her own spirit from her physical body, making herself into a ghost. In this form, Perona is literally untouchable and thus pretty much invincible. She cannot be cut, touched, shot, burned, nothing. Any and all attacks on Perona’s ghost form are useless and ineffective. However, she can still create hollows in this form, which attack for her. She can also pass through just about any object and float in midair, just like a real ghost (she can float in midair even while in her physical form, but only a few feet off the ground and presumably not for very long). Perona can even form an illusion that she’s become a giant in her spirit form, used mostly to intimidate and scare her enemies. Unlike a real ghost though, she is not transparent, so one cannot tell her spirit form from her physical one through just looking at her.

And while not necessarily a weapon, Perona has been shown to use her teddy bears, Bearsy, as a sort of bludeoning tool to smack her opponents around. This is mostly just seen in her gameplay in the Pirate Warriors fighting game franchise, and while a plush doll, he can do some damage, considering Perona keeps some heavy items tucked inside of him.

Mental: Despite her misgivings as being bratty and insolent, Perona is actually quite intelligent. She was not made a key player of Moria’s crew when he was still alive for nothing, and it certainly shows in her battle style. Perona always goes into battle with a set plan in mind, and can come up with a new plan with relative ease. She knows how to use her powers as well as her wit in the best possible ways, when to use them, and how to utilize them to gather the best results. Perona may be “pompous” as she’s referred to by Zoro, but she is not an idiot. Her battle tactics are actually frighteningly effective, and build up to the point where she starts to get physical.

These tactics include Perona using planning, as I’ve said before, and mainly intimidation and scare tactics to warp her opponent’s mind. A frightful and jumpy opponent cannot think straight or make rational decisions – which is exactly what she aims for. Perona uses her opponent’s fear to overpower them mentally before getting physical with her large and tiny hollows. Her strategies are ones that attack the mind and spirit first and foremost. She acts cocky, confident, and so sure of herself that it, in effect, intimidates her opponents. If her foes think they cannot win, then she’s achieved one goal, and can further her ploy of getting them to surrender or defeat them. Confidence in any battle can play a great role in the outcome.

Perona herself was also the main player in gathering information for Moria when she was still his crew-mate via her “Ghost Network” (the ability to create her ghosts and have them span large areas as spies. Because she sees and hears what they do, they make Intel work very easy for her) and the information she gathers with her skills was vital to the role of her captain and all of the other members of her crew. Nowadays, she has not need for the excessive espionage she used to do for Moria, but old habits die hard. Perona actually enjoys gathering information through reading, newspapers, or eavesdropping with her hollows ghosts or in person and usually scowls when she’s out of the loop on things happening in the real world.

Emotional: While Perona herself has a fairly stable emotional state, the true terror of Perona’s abilities regarding emotions is the third form of Hollow she can create. These hollows are called Negative Hollows, and they do much of what their name dictates. When these ghosts pass through a person, they hollow out that individual’s spirit of any and all pleasant emotions. It leaves the person with a feeling of despair and a negative outlook on everything about themselves. To the greatest extent, it makes the person fall to their knees, wishing they were never born, or to be reborn as something undesirable, like a dead fish. The effects are not permanent, and wear off in about a few minutes, but during the time period of extreme negativity, the person is vulnerable to attack or being caught. These Negative Hollows are the brunt of what Perona uses to attack and capture her enemies, and she relies on them almost indefinitely to secure a victory. These types of hollows have not changed at all over the two years she spent on Kuraigana Island.

In terms of herself, Perona has a very well balanced set of emotions. She knows how to keep a level head more so now that she’s aged than she used to in the past. She can keep calm better than she used to, and she’s usually rather poised in most situations, keeping a straight face and an open mind. This doesn’t mean that she’s emotionless, though! Not at all, Perona is often prone to her little outbursts of frustration, irritation and depression, and she’s still capable of being happy, overjoyed, and even excited over some things. She just knows how to better control her emotions now than she did in her youth, which may be attributed to her age and the two males she was living with, both of whom either negated her emotional rampage and put her in her place (Mihawk) or, on the other hand, set it off entirely (Zoro).

Physical: It just so happens that Perona’s greatest strength, her Devil Fruit powers, is also her greatest weakness. Because Perona has eaten the Hollow Hollow Fruit, she has become unable to swim or be submerged in any large body of water. This is her greatest and most well-known physical weakness, the weakness of all Devil Fruit users. If she is placed into any body of water substantially deeper than her, she will ultimately sink like a rock and, to be perfectly honest, she will drown and die. However, being submerged in water does not necessarily mean Perona or any Fruit User will lose their powers, she will just sink. This has been seen in early chapters of One Piece, mainly in the Arlong Park arc where Luffy’s body was submerged in the ocean, yet his neck was stretched out to allow him access to air by two other characters. And again, when Chopper jumped into the ocean in his human-like state, sank, but did not revert to his reindeer form. It can then be assumed that Perona also would not lose her powers, just sink to her doom and not be able to use her powers herself.

This also means she’s weak to a canon-centric item called seastone. It’s a certain kind of stone, said to be a solidified form of the sea itself. This stone is the One Piece equivalent to kryptonite – it sucks away a Devil Fruit User’s powers and leaves them weak and fatigued. Using this stone on her, or anything similar to it, will leave Perona literally powerless. She would not be able to create ghosts, nor would she be able to remove her spirit from her body. If she was placed inside a seastone cage, or had handcuffs made from this stone placed onto her, Perona would immediately become just like any normal human being.

However, Perona’s fruit itself leaves her with a monumental physical weakness as well! When Perona leaves her physical body and wanders around as a ghost, she is literally leaving her body behind. Her spirit separates from her body, leaving her body hollow and much like a lifeless and unmoving doll. In short, her physical body becomes extremely vulnerable the moment Perona leaves it. To counteract this, she usually hides herself before projecting her spirit, but if her body is found and attacked before she has a chance to protect herself or get back into her body, it could very well spell doom for Perona as a whole. It could also be used against her, to get her to surrender. Though the canon does not specify what will happen to her spirit if her body is attacked, it’s obvious Perona values her physical body, and goes to great lengths to preserve it. If her body was threatened, she would have no choice but to comply to one’s demands.

Another weakness of Perona’s spirit form is that, while she cannot be touched or attacked, she herself cannot touch anyone or anything, either. She can only pass through objects; she cannot touch or harm them in any way. That, she leaves to the ghosts she creates and controls.

Mental: Perona’s mental weaknesses haven’t changed much over her two years. Being the strategist that she is, Perona doesn’t do well when the plans she creates begin to unravel, though she can control herself much better than she once could. Instead of immediately panicking like her younger counterpart may have, Perona would merely grimace, possibly bite her lip, and work hard mentally to think of a new plan. In extreme cases, she could very well panic and revert to the mentality of her younger self, but it’d have to take a very dire, very dark situation to do such.

Perona is also stubborn, and this stubbornness, as well as perhaps her own overconfidence, clouds her judgment when the situation turns most dire for her. The fact that she also has a well-defined “panic state” does not help matters either. Couple that together with a bit of naiveté and some gullibility and it’s easy to overpower Perona when she’s literally freaking out, or trick her if you’re a good enough actor/liar.

Emotional: Perona wears her emotions on her sleeve, even if she’s able to control them better now that she’s older. She still freaks out and gets upset and sometimes even vengeful and violent. She may be older, but she’s still just a young woman, and her emotional attachments and bonds with others can sway her decisions. Perona hates being alone or left behind, and enjoys being not necessarily the center of attention, but she likes to be noticed and paid attention to. If she is disrespected, Perona usually gets upset, sometimes only mild irritation and other times pouncing on a person with pure, untamed anger.

More often than not, Perona’s emotional tirade usually builds until she breaks, and she usually just leaves herself before things can really blow up, but in those cases where she cannot escape her feelings, or has nothing to distract her or deflect her emotions, Perona usually snaps, and it’s not pretty. She can attack with full force or break down into tears at her lowest state, even if it may take a bit more to reduce her to such a state. She has grown, but Perona is still a human deep down.

Items on your character: Aside from her clothes, Perona is coming with two items. One of which is her red parasol, which has a motif that makes it look like a devil (it has horns and eyes to give it a face) and the other is her plush teddybear Bearsy, which also acts as a sort of makeshift purse, considering he has a zipper pocket on his back. The contents of Bearsy's pocket include: a roll of bandages, a needle and thread, Perona's compact mirror with eyeshadow and a stick of eyeliner, some cash (beri/beli) from her world, and a few candies.
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[Who know what triggers the Journal video to begin - this is Luceti, things of thing nature are commonplace and to be expected. Regardless, the feed cuts in to the sound of rushing water and steam and a young woman singing...while taking a shower. The arm and half of a patchwork teddy bear which may be familiar to some are view by the edge of the camera also.]

--nd hear me then I'm done...
'Cause I might just say this once,
Seen this play out in my dream,
It doesn't matter~! Mmmm...

Time for givin' up the ghost...
Fuck, it's you I hate the most!
Baby, there's no guarantee,
It doesn't matter, ah...

This time I might just disappear...alright
Oh, oh, oh!
This time I might just dis--

[The water stops as the singer does, the squeak of the shower's handle signaling she's finished a long and luxurious shower. As the curtain rolls back, it bumps the teddy standing watch, who flops right in front of the camera and blocks most of the camera from view. Gomen, friends... At the least, Perona's face and neck is visible and she pushes her wet hair back and out of her face as she dries off, humming the rest of the song until she notices her little friend went and fell over.]

Ah, Bearsy, did I knock you over? I'm sor--

[....Oi. BC] Eeeeh, shame on you all for watching! Perverts!! Bearsy, good boy, you're still as valuable as ever.

[Perona shoves her bear completely over her journal, because what better punishment for a bunch of gawking pigs than to know she's on the other end and not able to see a thing? Use you imaginations, lads~ ♥ She'll come back in half an hour or so (she has a lot of hair that needs to be properly towel-dried) and clothed before removing her bear and picking up her journal, walking out of the bathroom and back to her room. There, Perona flops on her bed and snags some lipstick from her nightstand, applying it to her lips slowly.]

Mmm...that gift-giving holiday is coming soon, isn't it? I want something cute. Clothes, toys, sweets - if it isn't cute, you can keep it. Jewelry is the only exception. [Not really, Perona will take all kinds of things if they're nice, but there's the gist of her wish list.] There's more of you here now, so I expect lots of things horohorohoro...
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[It's late in the day, and Perona's just waking up. Since the end of the draft, she'shad the worst kind of sleep possible - either little at all or wrecked with horrendous nightmares. Normally she's never been bothered by the sight of death, corpses, blood, and the like, but...that was when it wasn't her own body that was dead. She couldn't help dwelling on that fact every now and again, and when she felt she was just starting to forget and get over it, her dreams reminded her. Even everyday life began to be a mess on her nerves. Day by day she kept getting anxious about being outside, especially when on her own in quiet places. It felt like she was being...watched.

So today, after getting up and tying back her hair - she doesn't bother with brushing it yet, she needs a strong cup of coffee before doing her morning routine today - she settles down with aforementioned cup of coffee and sighs. Waving her hand, a few of her ghosts materialize from her palm and phase through her walls to go out and observe Luceti for their master. Perona's much too lazy to scout things for herself, and besides...she looks terrible and it's too late in the day to get ready.

As she reads through her journal, she sighs and sips her coffee, rubbing her face slowly. Ugh, she knows she should go out and do things, but she's so lazy. In fact, she knows what she really wants to do - she wants to sail. She's even seen ships moored near the ocean here, and thought to, erm...borrow one if they weren't being used. Might as well ask, right? Just so she doesn't get anyone on her case if she does happen to take one, but for weeks she's seen the ships there, and they haven't been cleaned, moved, or tended to at was kind of depressing, actually. They were lovely ships.]

The ships moored near the ocean...are they being used at all? I'd like to set sail later today for a day or two.

[No, she does not know about the ocean nor the ships, by the way. That they have both poofed, just so we're clear.]
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It's nearing dusk - many of Luceti's residents will be finishing up their daily activities or returning home or, perhaps, beginning their nightly activities. That new club that opened up sure is a hot spot....and the bar is open until the wee hours of morning sometimes. But whether someone is going home or heading out, they may very well spy out of the corner of their eye a figure curled up with her back pressed to the wall of a building, huddled up in the shadows with her arms and legs drawn up close and tight to her body. She's wearing a dirty, white sun dress - the New Feather garb - but it's much too raggedy for this young woman to be among the new arrivals.

Grinding her teeth together, Perona breathes hard, digging her fingers into her arms to the point where she may begin to bruise them. It's too bright...too hot and bright and burning. She can't leave her little patch of shadows...not yet...but she can hear and see and smell all the people passing by. Each beat of their hearts, every exhale drives her senses crazy and despite how hard she tries to remain in one solitary spot - wait a little longer - a screaming, clawing, biting urge gnaws angrily at the back of her mind. She's so's awful. But she can't do anything just yet, and the wait is sickeningly long. But she has to be patient, as much as her legs are itching to spring her at the next person that passes by.

Curious folk ought to be wary, because she will be counting every second it takes for the last rays of light to sink below the horizon, won't hear a word they say against the echoing beat of their hearts in their ears - thu-thump, thu-thump - and she'll look at them only with desire, like a ravenous animal would, and only bare her very new, very sharp fangs at them when the sun has fully set.

Through the night though, and with each unlucky person she nets and feeds from, Perona will regain a little more of her sensibility. By the time she's come full circle and gotten a full grip on herself will she backtrack to where she first arrived back in Luceti and find her journal, addressing a certain person in private, voice low and shaking.]

[Voice: Filtered to Trafalgar Law 80%]

M-Mr. Law? [It takes a moment for her to think of what to even say. How does she even go about explaining this? It's not like she really even wants to come clean, but if there's anyone she could talk to, it'd be Law.] I've--...may I speak with you? Now.

[Her head's swimming, trying to find words and how to piece them together. Perona can still taste blood in her mouth, and while half of her finds the notion utterly revolting (it's not at all charming like her favorite books make it out to be), the other half she's become finds the decadent, irony taste extremely satisfying.]

By the schoolyard...p-please. [It was the closest building near her. And just as she's about to close her journal, where the journal feed seems like it's ended, she adds in a very tiny voice--] ...Be on your guard.

[Just in case.]

[OOC: Okay, just some clarification, but Perona has been returned as a vampire. Chronologically, Law's thread will be last, but let me know if you want Perona from the get-go is ravenous, bloodthirsty hunger or a more sane attempt to get a bite. Characters also don't have to be bitten! Perona can interact with them when she's a little more herself, but the conversations will be very short, and she may attack them, which gives the option of the character also escaping.

And yes, she still have her Devil Fruit abilities, too, so if you want your character attacked by them or not, let me know. You can ping me on plurk ([ profile] MelonFlavored) or PM this journal for questions.]
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[Perona's at home. She's been fiddling with her Christmas gifts ever since she received them - two bat themed pieces of jewelry, a brooch and some earrings. They were lovely, and she'd been rather excited to get them and start wearing them, but picking them up gave her a...strange feeling. Deja vu? Or maybe like she received these gifts before? Was this another "gift" from the Malnosso? That'd be like them - embarrassing and upsetting her so much over that stupid holiday, giving her something she loves, only to make her feel uncomfortable to touch them. frustrating! This place was really starting to get on her nerves.

In fact, not knowing things was starting to get on her nerves. She's been here before - that Perona knows - and she's met the people that knew that "other her" as well. She can't remember the time she spent here, or the people, places, and experiences...and it's starting to get annoying. Perona likes to be well-informed, up to date on things.She considers herself an intelligent woman, and not knowing something...especially about herself, has become unbearable. And that's what drives her to finally seek answers.

She never cared before, or thought knowing would effect her negatively, but now she just doesn't care anymore. That's kind of her theme, right? Negativity.]

Oi. I know I've been here before, a long time ago...I wasn't interested in knowing abut that before. I never cared. But now it's become troublesome for me not to know. [She glances out the window absently, humming thoughtfully.] So if anyone has things they can tell me...about the other me that was here before, I'd like to hear it. However much there is, I don't care. I'll listen if you don't make it very boring.

[She doesn't have any plans for the day, after all.]
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[It's near noon, and Perona's just gotten out of bed. Still groggy, she rubs her eyes and nearly trips over her journal on the way to the bathroom to wash up. The jolt from her foot initiates the video feed and Perona grumbles, picking up the journal and tossing it carelessly onto her bed where it lays open and records a nice view of the young woman in her white, ruffly pajamas and messy hair as she stretches and bumbles her way towards her bathroom, yawning loudly. Ugh...waking up is so hard...and its started getting colder now, too.

The sound of running water and splashing can be heard off in the distance for a few minutes before Perona returns, looking a little more alert. Her bangs have been clipped back and she's rubbing her face with a washcloth, tossing it in the corner when she's finished.]

Mmmaah...what should I wear today? I don't have enough clothes for this kind of weather... [Perona whines.] If only some of my cute and elegant clothing got dropped off here, too. I wouldn't have this problem! And there's never anything I really like in the shops. Bleeeh...these people don't know class. Maybe I can make a few thing again, but I'll need a sewing machine and good fabric... If there were a specialty store, maybe...

[And where the hell will she get these things, though? Uuugh, this honestly sucks! Why can't there be a shop that specifically sells gothic lolita style clothes? Or cute things! Soft pastels with ruffles and lace and good, quality boots! She really has to turn these stores inside out to find something nice. Hell, even a decent sweater and coat, or just a shawl.

With a defeated sigh, Perona flops backwards onto her bed, the journal bouncing slightly, and kicks her feet off the edge of her bed.]

Aaahh...I don't want to go out! I should shop, but if it's cold, I just want to sleep all day...and drink cocoa...and have a bagel sandwich... And someone tall and handsome to serve it to me.
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It's noon now. Perona's been taken back with the big, scary-looking man with the black sword - his home, she assumes. She hasn't done much around the place, just wander around looking at everything and trying to stay away from and observe the big, scary-looking man at the same time. It was really hard, though...he always seemed like he knew when she was there. Maybe that's why his eyes were all funny? Maybe he was magic or something. Perona was almost certain he may be a vampire, like in her awesome picture books, but he did walk out in the that can't be right. But maybe, if he was magic, he could do that! She's gotta find out sometime.

But first, she's gotta explore the place outside. It's awfully boring being stuck inside, once she's calmed down, and there are no toys or storybooks or cute animals, or even crayons and paper to draw with! And there were no snacks, either! She was hungry and all that there was were bottles of that icky sour grape juice. And she couldn't reach the other shelves.

So! Using all the stealth a five year old skilled at hide-and-seek has mastered, Perona sneaks right out of Mihawk's apartment and bounces down every flight of stairs until she reaches the outside and begins to wander down the path, past houses, benches, trees... She doesn't go too far, and makes sure to keep the second community housing building in her sights, but passers-by are welcome to find the small child rolling a snowball in a big circle to make a snowman by the bridge near the plaza.

[OOC: Hello, people! Perona's been returned from her mallynap finally as an adorable little girl - five years old. This means two things, first and foremost. First, perona is a normal little girl, meaning she has not yet consumed the Horo Horo no Mi from her canon and gained its power. Nor has she joined Moria's crew or even knows much of anything at all about him. Second, replies will come from [personal profile] tinyhollow so yes. ♥]
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PERONA will be bulldozing her way through the crowd while mounted side saddle on her noble steed which growls ans snaps each set of its teeth at anyone stupid enough not to get out of its way. Cerberus isn't much a fan of crowds, much like Perona. Eventually, she and Cerberus will take to the forest and ocean for their walk, where hopefully less people will be.

MIYABI is high atop the branches of the largest tree at the cherry blossom hill holing it up in a robin's nest, where she hopefully won't get stepped on. Whatever this influx of new, wingless people is, she's going to stay as far out of it as she possibly can. ...So long as the people don't mess with any of Amaterasu's trees or the small shrine on the hill there. She's also got the Lucky Mallet wrangled up and nearby, just in case she needs to size up quickly for whatever reason.

[OOC: Yep, this is a catch-all for two of my characters. |Db Much like the other posts, please specify who you want to thread with in the subject line, if you could please. ♥]
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[It's been some time since Perona had this discussion with Mihawk, which evidently ended rather...poorly. She's decided not to dare go back to her room in the second Community Housing building and has been, in effect, hopping from room to room in different community building and any available empty houses for the past few days just to keep as far away from her old home and angry neighbor as possible. She's even been scarce to visit her usual places of interest, just to subtract any unwanted chance encounter along the way.

Yes, Perona's avoiding a certain swordsman, and is rather frightened of said swordsman right now. She made a mistake and she knows it. And she understand just how much trouble she's in because of it as well as how big a bribe she needs for possible forgiveness. Hopefully she can find something suitable for the holiday season. However, there's something else she needs to find. She can't keep hopping around like this - into an empty house and apartment with nothing or no one to talk to. It's not the kind of life perona wants to have for any period of time, ever.

So, as she huddles in a corner of the library with many a good ghost story to keep her company, she opens her journal, throws up as good a filter she can make, and recites to Luceti--]

Mmhhrm...ah. I-Is there anyone willing to let me stay with them in their home for some time? There's a...problem. With my current residence. It's, ah--...become unsafe. For me. [She clears her throat.] I can sew and cook to a degree...if I must do something to earn my stay. I-It will only be for a short while! P-Perhaps until this coming holiday?


[OOC NOTE: I've already got a place/person for Perona to stay lined up, just so you all know! She'll be staying with Saleh for about a weekish, then with Law and Itachi for the remaining weekish. I've already spoken to all the muns and it's been set. So chronologically Saleh will be first.

You can still offer if you want, though! Or question Perona's reasoning and the like, though. /o/]
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[It's oddly cold. Like, really, really cold. Much too chilly to be wearing nothing but a flimsy new feather dress that's dirty, ripped at the end, and wrinkly. Perona wakes up from the chill, grumbling and trying to focus amidst the fuzziness of sleep and the narcotics still circulating through her system. She rubs her face, cursing under her breath and sits up, rubbing her arms to warm up. How long has she been gone? It wasn't this chilly when she was...taken... Perona snarls at the thought, hugging herself tighter, and thanking her stars that she can't remember a damn thing of what happened this time around. To be frank, she doesn't want to know, all things considered. Her first ever kidnapping wasn't the best thing in the world, and she'd rather not remember it, not relive it, thanks.

Instead, she tries to look around her to gather her bearings. It's night, obviously, but...but something is different. There's...there's decorations up - colored red, yellow, orange, and brown - and there are jack-o-lanterns and a big, bright moon and--WERE THOSE BATS?! And...and those spiderwebs are positively enormous hanging from the....g-gnarled trees... ♥♥♥

Perona sits in place on the path, her mouth hanging open in dumb shock. No...ahaha. No, it's too perfect. It just--no. Haha, they wouldn't be that generous. The Malnosso would not be that generous. Nor that kind. They'd never think to drop her back in Luceti during Halloween. It just can't be. She even looks around the ground for her journal, picking it up once its located, to check the date; just to be absolutely sure.

But then Perona spies a ghost--no, two ghosts! Two ghosts that are most definitely not hers cruising through the mist and cackling away, obviously up to no good. She follows them with her gaping expression until they fade from view and she takes a look around, slowly this time to soak everything in: Ghosts that aren't hers, a fog hanging around, bats, cobwebs with some beautiful looking spiders in them, jack-o-lanterns, straw people... I-It is, isn't it? They brought her back during Halloween.

Sucking in a big gulp of air as her eyes sparkle with ELATED BLISS, Perona jumps up with a loud shriek of rapture, dissolving into hysterical laughter as well as a few twirls in a large circle.]

OHOROHOROHORO~! IT'S HALLOWEEN, IT'S HALLOWEEN, ISN'T IT?! There are ghosts, there are ghosts and bats and cobwebs and mist and...and eeeeeiiiyaaah! I'll have to make a costume! What should I be?! M-Maybe a succubus, or a devil, or a vampire, or...! [HNN, CANNOT CONTAIN THESE FEELINGS.] Oh, and sweets! I have to get candy and cookies and...aaaah, I bet everywhere had pumpkin pastries and spiced drinks and--



[OOC: Hey guys! Breaking my hiatus a little early to bring back just one character. The other two I'm hoping to have back in business the first or second week of November. Just to let you all know. o/ Now back to your haloweeny shenanigans.]
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[Waking up in a forest is definitely not a common occurrence for Perona. She remembers being in Sabaody, moping bidding that green-haired imbecile goodbye once and for all. For a moment, Perona thinks she's been blindsided by auctioneers, and sits up straight, hands flying to her neck, thankfully finding nothing there. She heaves a huge sigh of relief, and actually begins to look around her.]

...This isn't-- [Fluttering, and an all too familiar aching on her back clue the young woman in, and her teeth grind together as she reaches back gingerly and feels feathers.] would by my luck to be brought back, wouldn't it? Now where is that stupid boo--Bearsy! They didn't take you awa--eh? Oh, there it is! You were holding my journal for me like a good boy.

[And finally, after removing her journal from the back zipper pouch of her stuffed teddy, Perona's face comes into the journal camera's viewfinder, looking rather unimpressed.] Oi, I've come back. Can someone tell me the date, and who's still here that I may know? You Straw Hat people, too, check in as soon as possible if you're still here! And anyone else from the grand Line, for that matter.

[Though Perona's not going to be too talkative right away. She snaps her journal shut and sends out a hollow scout up into the air, to scour the area from above. Seeing through its eyes, she heads toward the direction of the plaza, grumbling as she goes. Why did she have to come back here?! She was finally home! So...s-so what if she was alone there now, at least she was on the sea, and she had a ship, and she was safe, and--]

I wonder if he'

[When she does finally get to the clothing shop and into her clothes (after a lot of searching and hissing at how her hat could have gotten crushed under a mountain of other clothes), Perona exits the store and snaps opens her parasol. That should help keep the sun off her now, not that it'd do much good now after all that walking and floating she did. Stupid Luceti.]

How annoying, being back here again... My room had better still be unoccupied.


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